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Terrie Jacoby (Victim Advocate)

I am looking into all options and would request any information or assistance.  I have a homicide case that is due to go to trial this summer. Mother was killed by boyfriend.  Dad has had custody of daughter since then. She was 12 at time but due to competency issues case has been back and forth. It is now scheduled for trial and daughter is now 1 and heading to college in fall.  Dad has asked if there was any financial aid for her. He is told he makes too much money but is living paycheck to paycheck. He was just able to purchase a used car. I was wondering if there was any financial aid or scholarships that you may know.  We are located in Dedham Massachusetts and the family lives in Randolph Mass. 
Any advice would be greatly appreciated. 

I am not sure what exactly you are looking for financial aid or scholarships.
If the daughter of the victim would like to attend the trial and is out of state (for school) then that decision for funding is up to the county.
Do you know if the family of the victim filed for Victim’s Compensation for any medical and/or funeral expenses?
You may want to check with your Attorney General and ask if there is any funding available from Victim’s Compensation.
If there are any scholarships for college the guidance counselor at the school would be able to determine that.
Other than that I don’t know of any additional funding.

- Terrie Jacoby