Unsolved Case #55
Reference Number 03-07

Sharon Thor
Murdered October 26, 1982

Sharon Thor

On a Tuesday afternoon October 26, 1982 at about 5:30 p.m. sixteen year-old Sharon Thor was preparing to leave her Franklin Township home for her twice weekly ballet dance lesson three miles away in Bound Brook when the phone rang. This was not an unusual occurrence at the Thor household where Frank and Sonia Thor lived with their five children who ranged in age from nine to twenty-one. Frank Sr. was relaxing in the living room and Sharon's mother, Sonia, was hustling about in the kitchen. Sharon answered the phone and appeared to be pleasantly surprised to hear from the caller according to her mother. Sharon took the phone and stretched the cord to its limit so that she could nestle herself in the cellar stairway in an attempt to secure some privacy. The conversation was brief and soon after hanging up the phone Sharon hurried out of the house remarking to her mother that she would be right back.

It was understood according to Sonia Thor that Sharon knew she was due to leave for her dance lesson within fifteen minutes. At about the same time a neighborhood youth was playing in his front yard and observed Sharon enter the passenger side of a vehicle that had pulled up along side of her house. The vehicle was described as old and dirty looking with a loud muffler with something possibly covering the inside of the rear window. Witnesses stated that the vehicle backed up as if not familiar with the area and drove in front of the Thor residence. According to the witness the vehicle was driven by a white male with dark colored hair. This was the last time that Sharon Thor was seen alive.

When Sharon failed to return home in time for her dance lesson the Franklin Township Police were notified and an investigation into Sharon’s disappearance was initiated. Three days later on October 29, 1982 a search team discovered Sharon’s lifeless body in a wooded area less than a quarter mile from her home. This area was maintained by the local utility company as a right of way and a dirt access road passed within fifty feet of where Sharon was found. This area was also popular to local teenagers who would hunt, ride dirt bikes, party and just meet friends to socialize on a regular basis. Although the area was posted as off limit to private vehicles neighbors often reported a continuous flow of unauthorized vehicles in the area. An attempt was made to conceal the victim by covering her body. An autopsy was conducted and determined that the cause of death was multiple blunt force trauma.

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