Unsolved Case #91
Reference Number 08-04

Jim Bowerman
Murdered on: April 11, 2008
Age: 27

Jim bowermanJim Bowerman was reported missing by his colleagues at the Chillis Restaurant where he worked after he did not show up for work for two consecutive days. North Miami Police went to his apartment at 1550 NE 130th Street in North Miami on April 12, 2008 where they discovered an open back door and James Bowerman`s bloodied remains. Unfortunately there is not much information to share on Jim’s murder, as it truly remains a mystery. No witnesses have come forward and the police cannot find any motive as to why someone would want to kill Jim… he didn’t have any enemies. While Jim’s body was not found until the evening of April 12, 2008, it is believe that he was murdered sometime in the morning of April 11, 2008 as Jim was usually not out of contact with friends and family for any length of time. There were no witnesses to his murder and the case remains open.

Jim had lived in North Miami for almost exactly one year before his murder and was planning to move again in a matter of days. Jim grew up in Michigan and a couple of years after graduating from high school set off to explore the country in search of a warmer climate, and the beach. Jim moved around a number of times before ending up in North Miami. Along the way he made many, many friends around the country who to this day deeply love and miss him. There was just something about him, the way he could calm you with a simple smile, lending his ear to anyone who needed to talk, his non-judgmental way of looking at the world, and a true compassion for everyone.

If you have any information regarding this unsolved crime, you can contact Miami-Dade Crime Stoppers at 305-471-TIPS. You may also contact National Organization Of Parents Of Murdered Children, Inc. at 1.888.818.POMC or by email at natlpomc@pomc.org. Be sure to include the reference number in any and all correspondence.


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