Unsolved Case #74
Reference Number 05-01

Duane Obremski
Murdered: July 12, 2002
Age: 33

Duane Obremski

Reward : $10,000

Duane Obremski, was murdered on July 12, 2002. He was found around 6 a.m. lying unconscious in a pool of blood in an alley south of the 1400 block of East Spring Street in New Albany Indiana. According to police, he had suffered severe head trauma and other injuries. Duane was out with his wife Beth at the time, they got into an argument. Sometime during that night, they separated. Officials said Obremski had been at Shooter's Saloon on Vincent Street before the incident that night but details were not very clear as to what happened to him. Duane and his wife Beth lived in Louisville Kentucky, and worked for a bar called Shooter's Saloon in New Albany, where they were seen that night for some time.

If you have any information regarding this unsolved crime, you can call the Floyd County Prosecutors Office at 812-948-5422 . You can also contact the National Organization of Parents Of Murdered Children, Inc. at 1-888-818-7662 or by email at natlpomc@pomc.org. Be sure to include the reference number in any and all correspondence.

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