Unsolved Case #48
Reference Number 02-08

Charles Martin
Murdered March 8, 2001

On March 8, 2001 at 24N 3rd Pleasantville NJ, Charles Martin and a friend Anthony Taliaferro went to visit two girls they had met at the club the Saturday before. Two boys one Brandon Steele (16 at the time) and Brian Cross (17 at the time) came in to exchange words. Chuck was shot three times by two different caliper guns. Brandon Steele turned himself in and Brian Cross has never been found. This information was only released in a closed court room. Brandon can not be tried until Brian is caught. The stories given by the two gilrs and Chucks friends have changed several times. I have asked the local news to rebroadcast the picture of Brian Cross. It has been almost two years and I feel that the police are not trying to find him after all Chuck was killed only three blocks from the police station and witnessess saw Brian "Bop" Cross run into his house two doors down and they asked his mom was he there, she said no and the police said OK. This is the second child Chucks mom had that was murdered in the same town .

On Friday May 9, 2003 Brandon still found the man guilty of Felony Murder and illegal possesion of a dangerous weapon was convicted and sentenced to 45 years. Felony murder is 30 years, so he must do every day of 30 years and then serve the other sentence. And they believe that Brian Cross may be in the Maryland/D.C. area.

If you have any information that may help solve this case, please contact the National Organization of Parents Of Murdered Children, Inc. at 1-888-818-7662 or by email at natlpomc@pomc.org. Be sure to include the reference number in any and all correspondence.

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