Unsolved Case #26
Reference Number 00-19

Casperin Amory Hernandez and Noel Wendell Hernandez

Murdered December 31, 1996

$5,000.00 REWARD

Casperin & Noel

Victims Names:
Casperin Amory Hernandez
AKA: Casper
Age: 16 years old
Date of Birth: January 10, 1980

Noel Wendell Hernandez
Age: 15 years old
Date of Birth: July 13, 1981

The murder happened at the stoplight at the corner of Washington Street and Lewis Avenue, going west, in Illinois.

While going west on Washington Street, My sons (victims), my common-law husband, Luis Ramos, and myself were trying to get to a party before midnight. We had to stop for a red light. While waiting for the light to change, two shots rang out. I told everyone to get down. As I turned around to check on my sons who were both in the back seat, to my horror I looked and saw Casper sitting behind the passenger side with his eyes closed. Then his head fell to the side. That's when I noticed the hole in the back window. It seemed like forever, but it was only seconds. I continued to turn around (I was driving) and I saw my other son, Noel, with his face inside his coat in the corner of the back seat. Being only five blocks from the hospital, I immediately drove us to the emergency room at St. Therese Hospital. I never saw the person responsible for the crime.

Casper was wearing a sky blue North Carolina Nike Winter coat and Noel wore a black Duke University Starter Winter coat.

The murder happened at 12:45 pm on New Year's Eve, 1996. Both boys suffered gun shot wounds to the back of the head and were brain dead upon impact.

There were other cars waiting for the light to also change. Busy liquor store to the right of the street - Club 18.

Location: Waukegan, Illinois, 30 miles North of Chicago, Corner of Washington Street and Lewis Avenue in the 1800 block.

Car involved: 1992 Nissan Sentra, 2 door, charcoal color.

Assailiant ran up to our car from the back and shot into the back windshield.

The gun involved is a .38 caliber which has not been found. Family knows that police have a few suspects and it is felt that it is possible Latin King gang members who may have mistaken Casperin and Noel for rival gang members, Latin Disciples. Homicide classified their murder as "gang related".

If you have any information on Casperin's or Noel's murder, please contact the Waukegan Police at 1.847.360.9000, or the Lake County States Attorney at 1.847.360.6644.

If you have any information that may help solve this case, please contact the National Organization of Parents Of Murdered Children, Inc. at 1-888-818-7662 or by email at natlpomc@pomc.org. Be sure to include the reference number in any and all correspondence.

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